Mike van der Meulen

My name's Mike van der Meulen, 26 years old, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Programming code and making radio are two totally different things, but they are both my passions. In 2016 I graduated Bachelor in Media, Information & Commu-nication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Right now, I'm creating media productions with Vameta and work part time as a teacher on the AUAS.

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Job experience



“I got to know Mike van der Meulen as a big box that presented new skills and talents every day.

Mike is a big talent when it comes down to radio and audio. It takes him no effort to generate fun items, create creative audio effects, and knows how to gather ideas on high speed into powerful radio scripts. He is also a talented DJ, in both his voice and his technical skills.

I really like that Mike is always six steps ahead, even before you get the chance to ask him to perform the first step. Mike is a catch for every organization.”

— Tim Calis (Project: Campus Radio Amsterdam)


HTML5/CSS3 (90%)
WordPress (95%)
React (60%)
Symfony (70%)
Meteor (60%)
Ubuntu Server (65%)
Dalet/Omniplayer (95%)
Adobe Audition (80%)
Adobe Premiere Pro (75%)
Adobe After Effects (65%)
Adobe Illustrator (70%)
Adobe Photoshop (65%)